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My Philosophy is simple. You are our client. Not a number. My team demonstrates this approach from our first contact through closing.

If you are new to the Charleston area and seek to buy a new home, or you live here and want to sell, my dedicated team guides you, protects your best interests, and ensures you a bit of fun along the way. After all, Real Estate should and can be both exciting and fun. As your agent to Charleston, it’s my goal to make sure your experience is just that.


Our Clients

We work with both buyers and sellers who seek to make a complex process enjoyable and simple. Often, we prefer to let our hard work speak for itself, and occasionally hope our clients sing our praises.

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What Makes GT Properties Different?

We are a boutique brokerage on purpose. We believe by running efficiently with minimal overhead and a tech focused approach, we can provide superior customer service for each client we work with.

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Agents are supposed to be educators before salesmen. For updates on the industry, local statistics, Real Estate 101 and some broker opinions please check out our posts, commentary and streams. 

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Our Practice

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I used to think Real Estate Agents were simply salesmen; some are. The best aspire to be educators, creatives, strategists, investigators and friends.

— Gentry Todd

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