Round Table #1: Design and Development

What else would I make my first round table about, than a macro discussion on home building and design?!

This long form piece of content (don’t worry i’ve book marked topics to skip ahead to below) features some of my favorite people (all local business owners) I’ve had the pleasure of meeting around Charleston. We hop from one topic to another all centered around home, development, and design. Much of our discussion circles the impacts on our greater community, problems we see in each of our businesses and a few solutions…. 

Video Highlights:

  • 1:28 - Design, Trends and Pros Insight

  • 16:34 - The Affordability Problem and How to Fix it

  • 23:39 - Small Business Question: Is Segmenting the Holy Grail?

  • 28:01 - Who is Moving to Charleston & Why?

  • 31:15 - ‘Charleston’s Development Problems are as Old as It’s History’

  • 36:10 - Why No One does Container Building in Charleston

My guests, experts and thought leaders for this discussion are…

Rick Rockwell , Builder/Owner   Rockwell Construction    Website   Instagram

Rick Rockwell, Builder/Owner

Rockwell Construction


Jesse Vickers , Designer/Owner   JLV Creative    Website   Instagram

Jesse Vickers, Designer/Owner

JLV Creative


Nicholas Rehberg , Architect/Owner   ADO    Website   Instagram

Nicholas Rehberg, Architect/Owner



Each has had their own unique path to designing, building, and creating their own businesses in the greater Charleston community. While I highly recommend you learn each of their stories if you ever need a interior design for a home, need a historic home in downtown Charleston renovated or a property designed around Park Circle, for the purpose of this round table I also found each brought their own unique insights and wisdom to our 40 minute sit down.

Most of our conversation was geared around questions heard regularly at cafes, bars and restaurants around town. These three just happen to be uniquely qualified in their professions when speaking to design, building, development, trends, density, etc.. It also helped to have a group of both Charleston natives and new comers that have no problem never elaborating (nice way of saying the 4 of us have a hard time shutting up).

Our hope is to update this discussion bi-annually, so please never hesitate to post your question like my boy Travis did about Container building in the area and we’ll be happy to answer (for better or worse).