Where & Why: Park Café

Pumped to have my personal favorite Coffee shop/Café, The Park Café, as the first business to interview in a new series I'm calling 'Where & Why'. The concept is simple, ask local establishments, businesses and people I support regularly what they do, why they're special and why they located where they did. In my line of work the cliché saying we hear from the cheesiest salesmen/women to the most caring of agents, 'location, location, location'. However, I'm a big believer that what makes the location are the people within, the places we go and the bonds that bind us to that spot. My goal to this series is binary; highlight Charleston for those of you that are either new/unfamiliar and shamelessly support some of my favorites places and people about town.

There is no place I could think to begin this series (and put me more at comfort in front of the camera) than Park. I began coming when I first moved to the neighborhood about 4 years ago while I was renovating a home on St Margaret Street. Now, as an honorary member of the 'The Breakfast Club' (basically a group that found each other round the bar sipping coffee) it's a place I relish coming to for consistently quality bites and coffee regularly (too much).  A spot where it's easy to make friends with your neighbors, take a meeting in a relaxed setting and generally feel like you're in the morning version of Cheers.

If you haven't been, please do yourself the favor and find an excuse to take a meeting for breakfast or your family for brunch. I promise you won't find a better combination of friendly staff, deliciously consistent food, and relaxed atmosphere.

That's enough of me blubbering about my love for this establishment, take a peek at the interview w/ Managing Partner, Xan McLaughlin, and please let me know if you ever want to join me there!