Local Spotlight: Yous Guys

If there’s a spot that ‘gets it’s when it comes to the Hoagie Game, it’s Yous Guys in James Island. When I moved to Charleston one of few cons was there wasn’t many good pizza spots and NO great Hoagie joints. That’s where Yous Guys saved the day.,..

If you’ve never been, but are a hoagie expert, literally try anything. If you’re a rook or just grew up around Charleston and your carbs of choice were biscuits and not delicious soft on the inside and crunch on the outside rolls,…. repeat after me…. I will get the Roast Pork Hoagie. For real, it’s that good and takes me back to Reading Terminal Market.

If you’re a true PA ex-pat, like me, they also have: Utz Patato Chips, Tasty Cakes and root beer at all times. Oh and my man Don will be 10x friendlier if you can knowledgeably talk Philly Sports, like any true Fishtown transplant would. #flyEaglesfly

Ya welcome.


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